Not Easily Amazed, But . . . .

I like to think that I’m fairly jaded and not much can surprise me, but it still happens. Actually, though, it’s embarrassing to admit it–I mean after the first millennium I’d actually seen pretty much everything. Surprising me should take something like seeing everyone with a supercomputer in their hands or humans on the moon.

I have always valued honesty–even though I admit that my tendency to walk around with a lantern during the daytime was theatrical. However, by valuing honesty, I value facts.

I am amazed that in the twenty-first century so many people vociferously ignore facts. The facts we’re talking about seem fairly concrete–well, actually, concrete is concrete. The intelligence community, which has proven its expertise, has stated unequivocally that Russia was behind the 2016 election interference. Yet, there are those who either outright deny Russia’s involvement or waffle with, “Well, maybe it could have been (Pick one or more: [Ukraine, Peru, Myanmar, Lichtenstein, or Luxembourg])!”

Russia has a well documented history of creating hate and discontent by spreading disinformation. They use this technique in many countries, many of which have established resiliency programs to help their citizens separate truth from fiction. The Finns, and the Swedes (among others) have been very effective. Unfortunately, your United States does not even train their government officials to resist falsehoods.

Your Jesus pointed out that “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” He wasn’t the first to say that, nor did he claim to be. However, Jesus saying that gave it more than a bit of street cred. He didn’t say anything that wasn’t absolutely correct.




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