You’re in Good Hands

Pence needs to learn and model good hygiene to prevent infection. This isn't it.

There’s nothing to worry about.

Vice President Michael Pence is going to protect you from the corona virus, COVID-19.

Given his vast experience in healthcare (it is reported that he might have taken a first aid course during his early teens) and his alleged contributions to the HIV epidemic in Indiana, you have nothing to worry about.

Move along.

There’s nothing to see here.

Move along, move along.

Pandemic or Plague?

Over the millenia I’ve seen my share of plagues–black death, bubonic plague, septicemic plague, pneumonic plague, and a few whose names I never could pronounce. With modern medicine, you no longer call them palgues–now call them pandemics. Pandemic sound so much more clinical and therefore less dangerous.

Of course, the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 killed between 50 and 100 million people, which is right up there with the plagues. I grant you that the records from the Middle Age and prior are based on guesstimation–no computers, no accurate numbers, etc. but a million deaths here and a million deaths there and pretty soon you’re dealing with a plague.

Now, the world is facing the corona virus, or as the scientists call it, COVID-19. Will a rose under any other name smell as sweet? Will a disease under any other name kill as many? It’s currently called a pandemic. Due to political pressure, it will probably never be called a plague–regardless of the death toll. Calling a skunk’s fur Alaska Sable doesn’t change its actual identity.


Entropy by Any Other Name


I’m a philosopher not a physicist, but I believe that I have a minuscule understanding of physics. Based on the two or three brain cells that have grasped the concept, here’s my interpretation of entropy.

In this universe, physics tells us that everything devolves into chaos unless effort (energy) is added. In other words, while an abandoned house falls down and is overtaken by vegetation, a house that has regular maintenance will not. Maybe this isn’t the most exotic explanation, but it provides the basics.

“If you don’t expend effort to take care of something, it will decay,” or as Firesign Theatre presented as Fudd’s First Law of Opposition–“If you push something hard enough, it will fall over.”

So, given that everything will eventually fall apart, why do your politicians expend so much time, effort , and energy on promoting chaos? Are they impatient and want to see utter ruin faster, are they ignorant of what they are doing, or is it something else?

And people for several thousand years have called me crazy?

John Stuart Mill Explains


Some have noticed that I use the byline of “think vs feel.” I’ve tried to incorporate this attitude and philosophy into my writings. However, as the father of cynicism, I expect some readers to be, well, cynical. So, to plead my case, I am invoking the lessons of another, much more recent philosopher,  John Stuart Mill.

For an excellent article on this by Yukta Sinha, please click here.


A Simple Test

As the founder of philosophical cynicism, you might naturally expect me to attack any viewpoint with which I do not agree.

You’d be right, of course.

Today your Senate votes on the question of impeachment. I’ve heard arguments, delivered with a straight face that strained the truth well beyond its specifications. I guess people who are seeking re-election or being paid enough . . . .

I propose there’s a simpler way to find the truth.

If you were in the military and deploying to Afghanistan for a year,  would you:

  • Hand your credit cards to Donald Trump for safekeeping?
  • Give Donald Trump all your passwords so he could handle your business while you were gone?
  • Ask Donald Trump to check visit your wife?


If you like my posts–great. If you hate them–forward to those people who drive you crazy.


And There It Is

I have been busy, trying to ignore all the chaos in your political system.

I swept out my sewer (Yuch!–Even from me.), I went down to the river and bathed (Ahhh!), and when I walked away from the river, naked, someone offered me clothes–just as I anticipated. They didn’t fit well, but good enough.

Keep in mind that my philosophy is cynicism. So . . . . . . . .

I saw your supposedly “most deliberative body”–the US Senate”–make fools of themselves, yet again. As a cynic, I have both con and pro thoughts toward democracies, but, as has been said, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”

Legend has it that after the Constitution was written, Benjamin Franklin was asked, “What do we have? A republic or a monarchy?” His response, according to that legend, was, “A republic–if you can keep it.” It does sound like Ben.

Can America keep a republic? I don’t know, even with a couple of millennia under my belt. I’ll leave it to you. Can you face difficult decisions? Can you make wise choices? Can you hold your elected representatives responsible?

It’s not my future–I died long ago and just hang around to exercise my cynicism.

The future is yours–deal with it.