And There It Is

I have been busy, trying to ignore all the chaos in your political system.

I swept out my sewer (Yuch!–Even from me.), I went down to the river and bathed (Ahhh!), and when I walked away from the river, naked, someone offered me clothes–just as I anticipated. They didn’t fit well, but good enough.

Keep in mind that my philosophy is cynicism. So . . . . . . . .

I saw your supposedly “most deliberative body”–the US Senate”–make fools of themselves, yet again. As a cynic, I have both con and pro thoughts toward democracies, but, as has been said, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”

Legend has it that after the Constitution was written, Benjamin Franklin was asked, “What do we have? A republic or a monarchy?” His response, according to that legend, was, “A republic–if you can keep it.” It does sound like Ben.

Can America keep a republic? I don’t know, even with a couple of millennia under my belt. I’ll leave it to you. Can you face difficult decisions? Can you make wise choices? Can you hold your elected representatives responsible?

It’s not my future–I died long ago and just hang around to exercise my cynicism.

The future is yours–deal with it.

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