Entropy by Any Other Name


I’m a philosopher not a physicist, but I believe that I have a minuscule understanding of physics. Based on the two or three brain cells that have grasped the concept, here’s my interpretation of entropy.

In this universe, physics tells us that everything devolves into chaos unless effort (energy) is added. In other words, while an abandoned house falls down and is overtaken by vegetation, a house that has regular maintenance will not. Maybe this isn’t the most exotic explanation, but it provides the basics.

“If you don’t expend effort to take care of something, it will decay,” or as Firesign Theatre presented as Fudd’s First Law of Opposition–“If you push something hard enough, it will fall over.”

So, given that everything will eventually fall apart, why do your politicians expend so much time, effort , and energy on promoting chaos? Are they impatient and want to see utter ruin faster, are they ignorant of what they are doing, or is it something else?

And people for several thousand years have called me crazy?

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