A Sad Story

“Once upon a time,” he began, “there was a group of wise people who made decisions that were seen as so important that all the other decision makers listened to them. Most of the decision makers were called judges. The more important ones were called justices, and the most important were called the Supreme Court Justices.

“The Supreme Court only made decision regarding whether or not the judges and other justices followed the rules in an important document called the Constitution. The importance of the Constitution could be see by its first three words, ‘We the People.’” The Supreme Court looked out for the people and could not be swayed by gifts, or power, or even politics.

“People slept well at night, knowing that their rights would be protected by the Supreme Court. The end.”

“Grandpa!” she asked, “Is that true?”

“No dear,” he replied shaking his head sadly, “It’s just a fairy tale like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty.”

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