President Troll

Your adversaries are known for spreading disinformation by any means necessary, including social media. The purpose of their actions?  They want to sow confusion for two reasons:

  1. So that people in targeted countries lose faith and trust in their government.
  2. To create divisions within the targeted countries.

The Chinese, the Russians, North Koreans, Iran, and a number of other adversaries are well organized and quite effective with their disinformation tactics. Currently, there a number of false and illogical causes of COVID-19 being promoted. These include:  It came from a “wet” market in China. It’s a secret weapon created by (choose one) the Chinese or the American military. The real culprit is the implementation of 5G telephone service.

Unfortunately, there are not enough facts to adequately explain the coronavirus cause. Even so, some theories, such as 5G, should be intuitively obvious as being false. Nevertheless, each of these theories is endorsed and shared by some individuals. It appears that either by coincidence, or by intentional disinformation, both of your adversaries’ goals have been achieved.

Some countries establish military or government entities to push disinformation. Others contract it out to people in a third country. Collectively, these various groups of disinformation spreaders are known as troll farms.

Troll farms can be rather sophisticated. Some have teams of three; the first publishes a legitimate news story with their interpretation, which favors their employer’s message. The second then challenges the original viewpoint, while the third adds polite comments which support the disinformation. By having a point, counterpoint, and then a moderate it makes the information seem more believable.

However, when your President Trump gets involved, things get worse. Skipping over all the known falsehoods and self-contradictions, he still does immense damage. Why, for example, did he tie the Second Amendment to the pandemic? What does the right to keep and bear arms have to do with practices meant to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus?

Nothing, but the tactic has further fueled the divisiveness your country is experiencing. At the same time, when the US President makes such statements, it can only diminish faith and trust in the government. His actions aid and support your country’s adversaries.


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