Doing Nothing

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
Edmund Burke 1729 – 1797

I observed Edmund Burke, but don’t claim to have known him. He was far too busy to commune with a long-dead philosopher. On the other hand, Mr. Burke is now also a long-dead philosopher, so he may better appreciate my position. Nevertheless, I appreciate and applaud his wisdom.

Edmund Burke is viewed as the father of modern conservatism. Given the current situation, it’s sad that most modern conservatives have no appreciation for his philosophy or his hard-learned lessons. If they were willing, they could learn a great deal from him.

I suspect their minds are closed.

Conservatives refuse to wear masks. Why? Because somebody told them to? Does this mean that when their mother told them not to run with scissors, they took offense? Would it have been better if Mom and Dr. Fauci had said, “Please? Pretty please? Pretty please with sugar on it?”

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