Concentration Camps

You Americans condemned Nazi Germany for its use of concentration camps to rid the country of undesirables. America, you believed, would never do such a horrible thing.

Well, maybe just a tiny bit when American citizens of Japanese ancestry were rounded up during the Second World War. But that shouldn’t count, should it?

But what about those who entered America, desperate for safety ,who have had members of their families killed by gangs? What about those who cannot earn a livable wage and are desperate for a job—any job—including those which Americans find demeaning or unprofitable? How does America treat them?

Let’s compare:

Nazis – Rounded up undesirables, including Jews, Romas, homosexuals, the physically and mentally handicapped.
America – Rounds up undesirables, such as those who entered his country illegally (even though it may take nearly 3 years to get a green card), those whose parents bought them here as infants or toddlers, those whose visas run out before their green card is approved.

Nazis – Kept prisoners in overcrowded, squalid conditions without adequate food, sanitary facilities, or medical care.
America – Keep prisoners in overcrowded, squalid cages without adequate food, sanitary facilities, or medical care.

Nazis – Performed medical experiments and forced sterilization on prisoners.
America – Perform forced sterilizations on prisoners.

Nazis – Eliminated the undesirables by the use of Xylon gas, carbon monoxide poisoning, starvation, overwork, plain-old-bullets, etc.
America – Eliminates undesirables by forcibly deporting them, often to a country they’ve never seen and know nothing about.

Nazis – Tattoo a number on the arm of prisoners for identification purposes.
America – Not believed to be currently in use.

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