Souls for Sale

Throughout my time, both when I was alive on earth and ever since, I have seen a brisk business in the buying and selling of souls. Back in the day, people wouldn’t sell their soul unless a kingdom or an empire was on the table. Given that there are no refunds or exchanges–not even store credit–that made sense.

In the last four years, though, it’s been a buyers’ market. I have never seen so many souls sold so cheaply in such a short period of time. People don’t even negotiate price! I know that haggling is not an American thing, but this is your soul we’re talking about. You get one and only one soul, so you’d think people would at least check Ebay and Craig’sList for the going rate.

Lucifer’s name means “Light Bearer,” and it was chosen to describe him. He’s extremely attractive and I don’t mean attractive for a demon. In fact, he’s a looker compared to any and all creatures. Imagine the best salesman in the world–bingo. When he says, “Trust me,” too many people do.

Some people are vulnerable because they don’t believe Lucifer exists. Trust me, he does.

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