Good Old Donnie Trump

It’s just awesome that donnie has a stage with a band and a separate microphone so he can wax poetic every night at Mar-A-Loco. I’ve seen some of his performances, and I suggest that he use more of a Rodney Dangerfield style.

  • I get no respect. I run a perfect campaign. I make perfect speeches. I launch a perfect assault on the Capitol Building and they let Biden steal the election, just because he got more electoral votes.
  • Look at me, if I keep growing, pretty soon I’ll grow into these neckties of mine. Now if I could only fix my Leaning Tower of Too Many Pizzas posture.
  • Take my wife, please. Oh, you already did?
  • I’m a stable genius. It’s true. Compared to any of the horses in the stable, I’m a genius.
  • I don’t cheat at golf. Didn’t they teach you about imaginary numbers in math class?
  • What about those Democrats? I could tell them that I’m the Pope and they wouldn’t believe me.
  • You’ve been a great audience! Don’t forget to tip your waiter and sign a recurring pledge for a cash donation to me.

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