I grow weary of your politics. I’ve seen the Caesars, the Medicis, the popes and anti-popes, the Tzars, and the Kaisers. Each was obnoxious in their own way, but they can’t hold a candle to your Republican Party.

I won’t touch on January 6 or the “Big Steal” or the perpetual recounts of the 2020 ballots. All you need to prove GOP incompetence is Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Five days ago she compared people wearing masks to prevent the spread of COVID to the Jews being forced to wear a yellow star in Nazi Germany. A yellow star is what the Jews got before kristallnacht when the Nazis destroyed their synagogues and homes. A yellow star was a one-way ticket to a death camp.

Ms Greene even got that wrong, calling it a gold star. A gold star is what a kindergartner gets for encouragement. A yellow star is a death warrant to wear in public.

Needless to say, people were outraged at her comparison, and rightfully so. Well, most people. The leaders of the Republican party needed five days to decide if it was a bad thing. Are they that dense or did someone have to check with trump before they knew how they should react?


Fortunately, the problem is going away. If your constituents are mainly old white guys and rural white guys without a college education, your base is is not growing. It is shrinking even as I write this.

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