When you think of treason, the first person that may come to mind is Benedict Arnold.

In addition, if you think for a while, you may accept the fact that those who fought for the confederacy were, in fact, traitors. This was especially true for those who had sworn an oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic–Robert E. Lee, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, James Longstreet, George Pickett, etc.

But let’s not get carried away.

Earlier this week, retired Lieutenant General Michael Flynn was asked by a member of the audience if the United States might face a situation such as the one faced in Minimar. Flynn said that there was no reason that a similar situation could not happen here.

Okay. Everybody. Settle. Down.

People misquoted the question. LTG Flynn was speaking about MINIMAR, a convenience store located in Maricopa County Arizona, not Myanmar, the country undergoing a military coup. MINIMAR had a two-for-one sale on crushed ice drinks. Their price for self-service gasoline might be high, and they may be a bit stingy on the syrup for the crushed ice, but there’s no military coup at MINIMAR.

On the other hand, if he were supporting insurrection,, Flynn would qualify as a traitor. He hopes it will not affect his $100,000+ pension paid by US taxpayers or his ability to collect $50,000+ for each speaking engagement.

Constitution, Schonsitution. Who cares.

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