THEM and us

Henry VIII Tudor
Courtesy The New Yorker

If you ever doubted the huge divide between the elites and you commoners, I’m sure your doubts have, by now, been assuaged by the current administration. First, the President’s daughter and son-in-law demonstrated that they, unlike you, are not required to follow the rules.Virus? Schmirus. If they want to “drive” to New Jersey for Passover, they’re going to do so.

The reason I put “drive” in quotes is because I’m sure their trip was different than any you have taken. I’m sure they did not get everybody into a Prius and head north. More likely,  they were driven in a government SUV by members of their Secret Service detail. It’s possible–if not likely–that there vehicle was the lead for a small caravan, with staff, sycophants, and others following.

There’s an old expression, “You think your shit doesn’t stink!” Mike Pence goes a step farther. His corporeal entity is apparently devoid of any harmful bacteria, viruses, or pathogens. The Mayo Clinic’s requirement that wearing a mask inside the building does not apply to him, because he gets “tested weekly for COVID-19.” Unfortunately, many pathogens are opportunistic and infect those who are compromised in other ways–such as by COVID-19. Many HIV-AIDS patients succumbed to tuberculosis, a disease that had been virtually eliminated in the US, until it could attack those with compromised immune systems.

Then there’s the Donald. If you haven’t figured out how he sees himself as above all others, you’ve obviously been in a coma for many years. I won’t give any examples  because by the time I post this, he will have exceeded anything you could imagine.




Not So Easily Amused

Anthony S. Fauci, Mike Pence, Donald Trump, Jerome Adams standing in front of a building: U.S. President Trump speaks during a news conference on the coronavirus outbreak in Washington

Over the past millennia–I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly with regard to the actions of world leaders.

It’s hard to get my attention, much less make me sit up and take notice. Your president’s desire to prevent a cruise ship to dock and discharge its passengers for quarantine or medical care was so ho-hum. Considering ytour president’s track record, no big deal.

However, the US military and US intelligence agencies tend to pay attention as to how information is classified. Yes, there is a tendency to overclassify. This is due, in part, to the fact that while an individual item does not qualify for classification, the amalgem of several unclassified items can provide classified information. However, there is at least some effort to separate the information that should be disclosed from information that, for the good of the American people, should be kept secret.

Right now, your president is trying to classify information about the coronavirus that would be useful to healthcare professionals.

So, do you think his political success is more important than your life?

Breaking White House Gnus!

Mike Pence mocked for reaction to Pelosi-Schumer-Trump fight.

There’s sad news today. Sources (as in “many people” and “I’m told”) reported that Mike “The Elf on the Shelf” Pence may no longer be with us.

Earlier today the President pontificated from the Oval Office about his hunch that deaths from COVID 19 were exaggerated. The President then exhibited a Sharpie signed executive order demanding that those who claim to be dead immediately cease and desist.

As usual, Vice President Pence sat quietly behind  President Trump as the President spoke. Hours later, when a cleaning crew arrived, they found the Vice President still sitting in his chair, not moving. When informed of the situation, President Trump ran the 30 feet back to the Oval Office, and after 35 minutes to catch his breath, loudly berated Pence for ignoring his executive order. When asked about it later, the president replied, “I don’t know him. I might have met him, but I meet lots of people. I definitely wasn’t close to him. I’m not sure I’ve even heard of him.”

As the White House physician examined Pence, several members of Pence’s staff arrived.

“Don’t worry, he does that sometimes,” his chief of staff explained while aides, standing on each side of Pence pulled him to his feet. The Vice President then silently walked out of the office with them.

Frank Darabont, the genius behind the hit television series The Walking Dead, has announced his interest in developing a spinoff series based on Vice President Pence.

You’re in Good Hands

Pence needs to learn and model good hygiene to prevent infection. This isn't it.

There’s nothing to worry about.

Vice President Michael Pence is going to protect you from the corona virus, COVID-19.

Given his vast experience in healthcare (it is reported that he might have taken a first aid course during his early teens) and his alleged contributions to the HIV epidemic in Indiana, you have nothing to worry about.

Move along.

There’s nothing to see here.

Move along, move along.

A Cease-Fire by Any Other Name


Having been around for a few millennia means that I’ve seen just about everything–over, and over, and over. I keep hoping that humankind will learn from their past actions. Be honest, have you?

Not only no, but hell no. You never learn.

Today your Vice-President, Mike Pence negotiated a supposed 120 hour cease-fire between Turkey and the Kurds in Syria. Sounds good?

You never learn.

This is better referred to as “time for Turkey to resupply, rearm, reload, and relax. They’ll start to rape, pillage, and burn again, either in 121 hours, or as soon as all Turkey’s soldiers have a full load of ammo, a full belly, and a full night’s sleep.

I know this –not because I’m a genius (although I am)–but because it has always been this way and I see no evidence of change.

Taking One for the Team

There is a reason I lived 24 centuries ago. Even though I never succeeded in finding an honest man, my chances were far better then than now. The lamp I carried in my search remains unlit.

Here is the Washington Post article that convinced me that honesty is not valued in your time.

Today, 800,000 federal civilians are working without pay and 380,000 are furloughed. A small (about 2 percent ) pay raise was planned for all federal civilian workers, but this was frozen by President Trump.

But not to worry.

Senior political employees in the White House will get raises, including Vice-President (does that mean he’s president of vice?) Pence will be getting about a ten thousand dollar pay raise. No longer will Vice-President Pence have to struggle to make ends meet on $230,7000 (plus expenses), but will have his pay increased to $243,000 (plus expenses).

That’s the 21st century version of “taking one for the team.”