Who Was Diogenes?

Diogenes was a Greek philosopher known for his cynicism and general ill behavior. He fancied himself a cosmopolitan–a citizen of the world–rather than owing allegiance to any one place. This was appropriate since he had been exiled from the town in which he had been born, losing both citizenship and all his earthly possessions.
Diogenes was particularly fond of criticizing other philosophers, often by rudely disrupting their discussions. His treatment of those with whom he had an argument was particularly nasty; let’s just say it involved bodily fluids and such.
There is plenty of bad behavior in this world already, so I will not emulate that. However, Diogenes is probably best remembered for one particular stunt. He would carry a lamp while walking through town during daylight. He claimed that he was looking for an honest man.
That is that spirit in which I will be writing. Not so much looking for an honest person, but instead, searching for honesty itself. That is a much more difficult task than it might seem.
The honesty I seek is what happens when people practice open-minded critical thinking.
I intend for this to be a forum, much like the ancient Greek and Roman meetings in which issues are debated, facts discerned and challenged.