THEM and us

Henry VIII Tudor
Courtesy The New Yorker

If you ever doubted the huge divide between the elites and you commoners, I’m sure your doubts have, by now, been assuaged by the current administration. First, the President’s daughter and son-in-law demonstrated that they, unlike you, are not required to follow the rules.Virus? Schmirus. If they want to “drive” to New Jersey for Passover, they’re going to do so.

The reason I put “drive” in quotes is because I’m sure their trip was different than any you have taken. I’m sure they did not get everybody into a Prius and head north. More likely,  they were driven in a government SUV by members of their Secret Service detail. It’s possible–if not likely–that there vehicle was the lead for a small caravan, with staff, sycophants, and others following.

There’s an old expression, “You think your shit doesn’t stink!” Mike Pence goes a step farther. His corporeal entity is apparently devoid of any harmful bacteria, viruses, or pathogens. The Mayo Clinic’s requirement that wearing a mask inside the building does not apply to him, because he gets “tested weekly for COVID-19.” Unfortunately, many pathogens are opportunistic and infect those who are compromised in other ways–such as by COVID-19. Many HIV-AIDS patients succumbed to tuberculosis, a disease that had been virtually eliminated in the US, until it could attack those with compromised immune systems.

Then there’s the Donald. If you haven’t figured out how he sees himself as above all others, you’ve obviously been in a coma for many years. I won’t give any examples  because by the time I post this, he will have exceeded anything you could imagine.




Not Me! (Revised)

President Donald Trump, wax Figure of Vice President Mike Pence, and celebrity look-alike actors in front of a cardboard mock-up of the White House.

When asked if eliminating the Office of Pandemic Research had slowed the response to the coronavirus, President Trump called it “a nasty question” before adding: “When you say ‘me,’ I didn’t do it.We have a group of people [in the administration]. But I could perhaps ask Tony about that, because I don’t know anything about it.” (“Tony” is Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.)

When asked later if he, as President, should take more responsibility, Trump replied in a tweet, “When you say the President should take responsibility, you don’t mean me. I had nothing to do with the last election. It was the voters and that awful, awful Hillary Clinton. They’re the ones who should be held responsible–not me! It’s terrible! Terrible! Fake news! Witch hunt! Sad.”

CORRECTION: It has been reported that it was NOT a wax figure of Mike Pence, but Mike Pence himself. Given that we can’t tell the difference, we’ll leave the decision up to you.

Not So Easily Amused

Anthony S. Fauci, Mike Pence, Donald Trump, Jerome Adams standing in front of a building: U.S. President Trump speaks during a news conference on the coronavirus outbreak in Washington

Over the past millennia–I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly with regard to the actions of world leaders.

It’s hard to get my attention, much less make me sit up and take notice. Your president’s desire to prevent a cruise ship to dock and discharge its passengers for quarantine or medical care was so ho-hum. Considering ytour president’s track record, no big deal.

However, the US military and US intelligence agencies tend to pay attention as to how information is classified. Yes, there is a tendency to overclassify. This is due, in part, to the fact that while an individual item does not qualify for classification, the amalgem of several unclassified items can provide classified information. However, there is at least some effort to separate the information that should be disclosed from information that, for the good of the American people, should be kept secret.

Right now, your president is trying to classify information about the coronavirus that would be useful to healthcare professionals.

So, do you think his political success is more important than your life?

Breaking White House Gnus!

Mike Pence mocked for reaction to Pelosi-Schumer-Trump fight.

There’s sad news today. Sources (as in “many people” and “I’m told”) reported that Mike “The Elf on the Shelf” Pence may no longer be with us.

Earlier today the President pontificated from the Oval Office about his hunch that deaths from COVID 19 were exaggerated. The President then exhibited a Sharpie signed executive order demanding that those who claim to be dead immediately cease and desist.

As usual, Vice President Pence sat quietly behind  President Trump as the President spoke. Hours later, when a cleaning crew arrived, they found the Vice President still sitting in his chair, not moving. When informed of the situation, President Trump ran the 30 feet back to the Oval Office, and after 35 minutes to catch his breath, loudly berated Pence for ignoring his executive order. When asked about it later, the president replied, “I don’t know him. I might have met him, but I meet lots of people. I definitely wasn’t close to him. I’m not sure I’ve even heard of him.”

As the White House physician examined Pence, several members of Pence’s staff arrived.

“Don’t worry, he does that sometimes,” his chief of staff explained while aides, standing on each side of Pence pulled him to his feet. The Vice President then silently walked out of the office with them.

Frank Darabont, the genius behind the hit television series The Walking Dead, has announced his interest in developing a spinoff series based on Vice President Pence.

Prejudicial, I Mean Presidential, Politics

I love politics! I love the intrigue, the feints, the intrigue, the outrageous claims, the intrigue, and counterclaims. Did I mention intrigue? If you wrote about real life politics as fiction, your editor would strike it out. In real life, though,  it is, sadly, real.

Your Joe Biden now looks to be in a good position to win the Democratic Party’s nomination. In the meantime, the Grand OLD Party (Did you notice a bit of a sardonic edge there?) is preparing to investigate Biden, his son, his mother’s cousin twice removed, and a classmate of his from kindergarten. (Look at her eyes in the kindergarten class picture! Need I say more?)

What should he do? What should he do?

He could say:

  1. “I believe you have an issue with my son, Hunter Biden. Whether or not it’s valid, when he became a legal adult, I no longer could tell him what to do. I couldn’t even see his grades from college or make a medical appointment for him. Even if I wanted to control him, I could not. Deal directly with him. (Since he’s not running for public office, he’ll probably just ignore you.”
  2. “Inasmuch as we are looking at my son, it’s only fair that you either self report on any and all irregularities with regard to your children in addition to any questionable acts that you might have committed. People will be conducting an investigation of you and your children’s activities over the past 20 years.”
  3. “Why? Why will this happen? What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.”

A Simple Test

As the founder of philosophical cynicism, you might naturally expect me to attack any viewpoint with which I do not agree.

You’d be right, of course.

Today your Senate votes on the question of impeachment. I’ve heard arguments, delivered with a straight face that strained the truth well beyond its specifications. I guess people who are seeking re-election or being paid enough . . . .

I propose there’s a simpler way to find the truth.

If you were in the military and deploying to Afghanistan for a year,  would you:

  • Hand your credit cards to Donald Trump for safekeeping?
  • Give Donald Trump all your passwords so he could handle your business while you were gone?
  • Ask Donald Trump to check visit your wife?


If you like my posts–great. If you hate them–forward to those people who drive you crazy.


And There It Is

I have been busy, trying to ignore all the chaos in your political system.

I swept out my sewer (Yuch!–Even from me.), I went down to the river and bathed (Ahhh!), and when I walked away from the river, naked, someone offered me clothes–just as I anticipated. They didn’t fit well, but good enough.

Keep in mind that my philosophy is cynicism. So . . . . . . . .

I saw your supposedly “most deliberative body”–the US Senate”–make fools of themselves, yet again. As a cynic, I have both con and pro thoughts toward democracies, but, as has been said, “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others.”

Legend has it that after the Constitution was written, Benjamin Franklin was asked, “What do we have? A republic or a monarchy?” His response, according to that legend, was, “A republic–if you can keep it.” It does sound like Ben.

Can America keep a republic? I don’t know, even with a couple of millennia under my belt. I’ll leave it to you. Can you face difficult decisions? Can you make wise choices? Can you hold your elected representatives responsible?

It’s not my future–I died long ago and just hang around to exercise my cynicism.

The future is yours–deal with it.